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Ibex is a climbing company based in Greece shaping climbing holds for climbing walls around the world.

For the last 10 years IBEX is growing, evolving and getting better in many fields. We have managed to offer you the best quality of climbing holds by using the best materials available both in Polyester (PE) and Polyurethane (PU). We take holds manufacture very seriously that’s why in our range you will find some of the best dual texture holds of the industry. Furthermore we apply safety standards, anatomically correct design, smooth texture to protect your skin and many other cool features on every hold we produce. As Dario's Stefanou (our shaper) work is admirable by many, we are often asked to design holds for other brands. After shaping more than 2500 unique shapes IBEX can offer you the most suitable hold for your needs.

Every year we participate in some of the biggest expos of indoor climbing and keep a close eye on the industry evolution. Thus we keep designing and offer you modern holds to cover your needs. Our products can be found in climbing gyms all around the world, home walls, physiotherapy centers, occupation therapy centers. Moreover IBEX holds have been used from IFSC competitions to kids fun climbing and from home training to physiotherapy. We are very happy and proud to support your efforts and goals in every way we can. Grab your IBEX holds now through your local authorised distributor.

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