• For those who want to go extreme. Honestly it feels impossible to dead hang on these with open hand. Don't even want to imagine full-crimping them. *It comes with 8 screws.
  • Traditinal sizing with a consistent increment (e.g. 10, 8, 6mm) inevitably magnifies the size gap as holds get smaller. For instance, while 10 to 8 is 20% decrease, 8 to 6 decreases for 25%, making it harder to move on to a smaller hold. To resolve this problem, we made the size ratio between holds consistent to realize smoother transfer to a smaller hold.
  • Handmade by a craftsman in a local lumber industry.
  • Material: Kusunoki or Camphor Wood
  • Height: 35mm/ Width: 110mm

Expert Series: 4.0 & 3.0mm

  • In order to contribute to the local business, we give 5% of our profit back to the craftsman in addition to the cost we paid for the production.

  • In response to the recent event in the US, we have been contemplating what we could do to contribute to our community, to help build a better world for everyone to live in. It may not be much, and we hope we could do more, but we decided to donate 20% of our profit to an organization such as Black Vision Collective and Reclaim The Block in addition to our regular 5% Circulation of Profit. We welcome your opinion on where to donate, and we will make our donation as transparent as we can.





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